Dental Savings Plan


At Scottsdale Dental Excellence, we believe the decisions about your dental care are best made between you and your dentist; your recommended treatments should not be decided by your insurance plan. We are pleased to offer our Scottsdale Dental Excellence Dental Savings Plan, which provides you with significant savings on all treatment, including cosmetic services and even Invisalign Orthodontics! With our savings plan, there are:

  • No limits on treatment benefits
  • No deductibles
  • No waiting periods or preauthorizations
  • Affordable dental care

How does the Savings Plan work?

The Scottsdale Dental Excellence Dental Savings Plan (DSP) is an annual membership program based on a fee schedule. The plan will provide for discounts on all dental treatment including elective procedures. This is not a dental insurance plan. All fees must be paid when services are rendered.

Can I use my existing insurance along with this savings plan?

Yes. DSP was designed for patients who do not have insurance, but can be used in addition to your existing insurance plan. However, It will be billed at the discounted fee and the full payment will be required at time of service. Insurance claims will be submitted by our office and payments will be reimbursed to you directly. 

How does a specialty dentist referral work with the plan?

Some treatment may require a referral to a specialist. Specialists that we typically work with have agreed to provide a discount as well. However, that discount and financial agreement will be between you and the specialist.


Please contact us to learn more and sign up for the dental savings plan!



ConsultationsNo ChargePlanCost/ Year Savings*
Oral Exams50% DiscountSingle$125 | $182
Cleaning Basic50% Discount
Dual$225 | $389
X-rays50% Discount
Family***$315 | $583
Sealants50% Discount
Each Additional$85 | $797
Periodontal15% Discount

Fillings (White)15% Discount

Crowns/ Bridges15% Discount

Veneers15% Discount

Implants15% Discount

Invisalign15% Discount

Endodontics15% Discount


Dental Savings PlanDental Insurance
Waiting PeriodNone12 Months
ProceduresAllApproved Procedures
Pre AuthNoneYes
Pre Existing ConditionsNoneYes
Frequency LimitationsNone                        Yes

The Dental Savings Plan makes dental treatment more affordable with a low membership premium (significantly lower than an insurance premium). While this plan is internal to our practice, we have made arrangements with specialists we work with to offer comparable discounts, ranging between 10-50%. Please find the breakdown of discounts for services provided below:


If you have any questions about our Dental Savings Plan, please contact our dental office in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our knowledgeable dental team is happy to answer your questions.

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