Complex Reconstruction

For some patients, just one or two procedures cannot fully restore their smile and dental health to optimal function, health, and beauty due to many factors.  Dr Jeffrey Clark will provide a complete and thorough evaluation and assessment starting with your past health history, evaluation of all the oral structures including soft tissues, reviewing x-rays for damage, decay, structural problems and Photos or Models may be taken. We will discuss all of your concerns and goals.

Complex Reconstruction can include multiple modes of treatments in which a more extensive diagnosis and treatment planning is needed which may involve multiple teeth or even the full mouth when wear has progressed to a loss of vertical dimension in your smile or there has been a loss of multiple teeth or extensive damage has occurred.  A comprehensive, personalized treatment plan designed to meet all of your dental needs to get you back to optimal dental health will be created. Depending on your individual dental needs and desires, we will be happy to provide multiple options for care and will help you anyway we can to get you back to optimal dental health.

Our front office coordinator will assist you with scheduling and financial arrangements. The time needed to complete a complex reconstruction will depend on your specific needs, but you can feel confident that after your treatment is complete, you will have a smile that you love to share. We invite you to contact us at Scottsdale Dental Excellence soon to learn more about transforming your smile and improving your dental health!


Amazing place that works magic! The office is high tech with a sleek modern decor. All the equipment is new and state of the art. The entire staff is friendly and professional. All appointments *never* delayed; every one was right on time. My Invisalign results were perfect.What a wonderful office! What a wonderful experience!

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